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Our story

Whilst at home in 2010 with my new baby and cleaning my own home, I realised  the toxic products I used were making me cough, giving me headaches and making my eyes water.

These products were harmful to not only me but my children and pets too.

So I replaced all toxic cleaners eco friendly cleaning products and was pleased to see that these actually worked - if not better and I didn't suffer anymore.


It quickly became my ambition to raise awareness of how by simply changing the cleaning products that you use in your home to safer, non-chemical-based cleaners, you can make a considerable difference to the air quality and your home environment.

The result being the launch of MaidGreen! 


Kate Bennett

(Founder of Maid Green)

“Delighted with a professional and thorough cleaning service delivered by a trusted, reliable and friendly company. Can highly recommend their deep cleans!”

Gill, Gaydon

What inspired eco-friendly cleaning services...

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